Financial Management Outsourcing

Solaris Financial Outsourcing Services offer a complete array of financial management and reporting tools for private sector organizations of all profiles. We offer the following financial management services:

  • Monthly financial reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial KPI system design
  • Budgeting & variance analysis
  • Business / Company valuation
  • Advice and strategy concerning the optimum capital structure.
  • Preparation of full set of documents for debt raising
  • Financial modelling

Why does your company need financial services outsourcing?

Outsourcing has developed considerably during the past decade. The times of trial and error in outsourcing financial processes are over, and there are several reasons why outsourcing now makes more sense than ever. Cost savings – as important as they still are – are no longer the main driver for outsourcing. Instead, the decision to outsource is increasingly based on business-outcomes and strategy alignment. Many companies have realized that routine-focused processes are not within their core capabilities – and that outsourcing brings a range of benefits.

Financial management outsourcing can be invaluable when your financial management needs are continually in flux. Organizational growth, strategic initiatives, regulatory changes and financial opportunities can all create significant amount of work that your team may not have the time or expertise to manage effectively. But hiring additional staff can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you know your needs may change again in weeks or months.

  • Restructure legal entities to be more tax efficient.
  • Assist in the completion of strategic plans.
  • Design and implement effective forecasting tools to improve timely intervention to achieve financial objectives.
  • Manage meetings of the finance/audit committee which oversees budgets, forecasts, investments and external audits and tax filings.
  • Review of pricing of products and services to ensure that financial objectives are met.
  • Conduct analysis of cost structures to identify savings opportunities.
  • Negotiate lease/sub-lease terms.
  • Negotiate terms of loans or credit support.

Contact us to learn more about our financial management outsourcing services and how we can fill your specific needs for additional financial management skills.

Monthly financial and management reporting

Getting full and timely information about company’s financial results is important for any manager. We will solve this issue by implementation and subsequent support of automatic financial and managerial reporting system. This system involves collection, interpretation, and analysis of data that is critical for managerial decision making. Our partner company will receive accounting and managerial reports customized to its needs. In addition to standard (Balance statement, P&L statement, cash-flow statement) we offer customized reports such as: production, sales, inventory, procurement and so forth, all the necessary report for your business.


Financial Analysis

Business diagnostics is essential for effective management of the company. Financial analysis of your business assumes assessment of past, present and future financial data, detection of competitive advantages and factors that impede success.

Based on assessment of your company financial reports and key performance indicators Solaris Management Consulting will prepare general report with conclusions on your financial activities and recommendations for future development.

Financial analysis will allow you to evaluate your company, as well as effectiveness of Top management and therefore determine strategy for further development. After Financial analysis of your business you will get a complete picture of reality, advantages and efficiency of existing strategy and recommendations for improving financial results of your business